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We are revolutionising the future of work

Working smarter, together

A connected, holistic and collaborative working environment


Priority access to our dedicated global pool of talent and partners. Connect better, hire faster and work smarter with amazing professionals across the world.


Team-up with collaborators using our smart AI-driven and rule-based algorithms. Teamwork and manage your project via streamlined project management solution.


Be a part of the only platform which truly redefines continuous professional development and work-life balance by offering exclusive member benefit packages.

Our vision is to be the platform for creating and supporting a connected, holistic and collaborative working environment with continuous professional development.

Our Team

We believe when there is a teamwork, there is no limit to what people can achieve.

Saman Nejad


Saman is a self-motivated entrepreneur with over 15 years experience making digital products from start to end and working cross-functionally with teams in enterprise, agency and start-up environments.

Naveen Rao

Executive Director

Naveen is an experienced business consultant with over 15 years of business development, strategy and execution. Naveen is responsible for business development, marketing and its alignment with overall business goals.

Sir Hossein Yassaie


Sir Hossein Yassaie is a leading figure on the world technology stage with a deep belief in technological innovation and disruptions. He was the CEO of Imagination Technologies Plc until Feb 2016, where he created the highly successful silicon IP business.

Donato Cappiello

Director, Engineering

Donato is senior software engineer expert in development and delivery of high technology software products and solutions, improving operations and procedures to drive revenue and grow market share.

Simon Howard

Business Advisor

Simon brings marketing strategy, growth plans and diversification to TEAMS. Simon spent 18 years building Abacus International, a pioneering Market Access & Health Economics Consultancy. After a successful M&A in 2012, Simon has been involved in various SMEs as Advisor.

Ion Pantalon

Senior Software Engineer

Ion is a full-stack software engineer. He brings extensive knowledge and experience in network security, cloud based platform and full-stack development.

Revolutionising the future of work

TEAMS offers a collaborative marketplace powered by advanced technologies to connect professionals with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

We are growing fast and would love you to join us.