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SaaS Development

Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Laravel, Angular, React, SaaS, CMS

Web & Mobile Apps

Wordpress, iOS, Android, HTML/CSS, Javascript

System Development

C#, C++, Java, Linux, Visual Basic, .Net, ASP, SQL, Oracle

Embedded Systems

Real-Time Computing, Microprocessors, Raspberry Pi

AI & Machine Learning

Deep Learning, NLP, Predictive Analytics, Integrated Systems

Big Data & Blockchain

Data Mining, Distributed Ledger, Cryptocurrency

AR and VR

Image Processing, Motion Tracking, Game Controller

Internet of Things

Smart Homes, Motion Sensors, Wearable Technology


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See who’s out there hiring – whether it’s for full-time, part-time or freelance work – and collaborate with them on their assignment…

It can be lonely out there, relying on one-off jobs and paying high commissions to agencies – especially when you don’t have a lot of commendations so far. We understand – we’ve been there too. So we offer you:

  • Better pricing
  • Assessment based ranking
  • Option to fly-solo or work as a team
  • Better chance of getting hired
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There are matches for your specific needs in the unique TEAMS database – people who really know the value of collaboration

We offer carefully-curated individuals, arranged in logical categories and complete with details of their specialities, qualifications, experience and ratings from previous hirers. Three ways to hire a remote professionals:

Hire a remote contractor or a complete team

Hire a full-time or part-time remote contractor or a complete team with peace of mind. Payments and contracts are protected.

  • Dedicated TEAMS Officer assistance throughout contract period
  • Receive shortlisted, test-qualified, right-fit professionals
  • Try no-obligation risk-free trial
  • Guaranteed candidates for the period of the contract
  • Secure payment protection
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Hire a freelancer

Outsource your project to one of our expert freelancers. Manage your project from start to finish using TEAMS fantastic inbuilt project and budget management tools.

  • Dedicated TEAMS Officer
  • Robust project management tools
  • Task-Oriented communication channel
  • Payments protection via TEAMS Escrow
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Recruit a remote Employee

Hire a fully or partially local remote employee for your company at competitive rates. Manage, collaborate and pay directly with your payrolls.

  • Dedicated TEAMS Officer assistance
  • Receive shortlisted, test-qualified, right-fit candidates
  • Try no-obligation risk-free trial
  • Hire and pay with your payroll
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TEAMS is an evolving platform with big vision for working smarter

For Businesses

Connect better, hire faster and work smarter with amazing professionals across the world.

  • Post a job for FREE

    Post and receive curated proposals from the best talent around the world

  • Better job matching and filtering

    Filter and match right jobs with right talent using smart rule-based and proprietary AI-driven algorithms

  • Teamsourcing and teamwork

    Choice to hire either individual freelancers or hire teams, or create bespoke teams with complementary skills

  • Project & budget management tools

    Cloud project and budget management solution to accelerate and monitor team’s performance

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

    All in one unified services to connect and work more efficiently with freelancers and virtual teams

For Freelancers

Find a remote job that you'll love. Work and grow on a collaborative working environment.

  • Global clientele

    Access to robust project workstreams through sponsored and preferred partner clients

  • Collaboration and networking

    Create trusted virtual teams with multiple skill-sets and manage budgets, payments, and milestones

  • Better pricing and more chance of winning jobs

    Apply for jobs as individuals or as part of a team. More chance of winning jobs requiring multiple skills

  • Intelligent and rule-based matching

    Intelligent job matching based on user geographic and demographic data, skill-set, ranking and reviews

  • Unique perks & benefits

    Supporting with real benefits such as healthcare, life-insurance, perks and monitised rewards

Revolutionising the future of work

TEAMS offers a collaborative marketplace powered by advanced technologies to connect professionals with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

We are growing fast and would love you to join us.